Low and Moderate Income Housing

In today’s Real Estate Market, companies must be progressive. New Homes in Your Town has ‘savvy’ in all respects therein.  We have an entire Team that is affiliated with the Local and State Agencies for ‘Low and Moderate Income Housing’.

The first step in the ‘Affordable Homebuying’ process can be most frustrating. Understanding the stringent guidelines set forth can leas inexperienced Sales Agents down a wasteful and costly path. NewHomesinYourTown prides itself on having a Sales Team of individuals who have mastered those rules and regulations.  Collection a multiplicity of documents for potential customers who cannot qualify is also counter-productive and costly to the Developer.

NewHomesinYourTown understands that setting the correct expectations for potential Homebuyers saves hours of unnecessary labor. Our team consisted of experts in qualifying prospects in addition to gathering and submitting the documents to the appropriate Agencies.  NewHomesinYourTown follows each ‘Affordable Homebuyer’ through the complex program and insure that all requirements have been met so as to thoroughly complete this process. This insured that Affordable Homes are handles with speed and accuracy so as to meet those expectations of Purchasers and most importantly- the Developer.